Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pitchwars Matchmaking!!!


We’re in that strange in-between time when you’ve chosen your mentor picks and sent in your submission and now you WAIT. And some of your hopes might be falling, if you haven’t gotten a request yet.

If so, 1) there is still hope. Requests are still going out.

and 2) While getting picked is awesome, I hope you’ve realized by now that one of the very best things about Pitchwars is the community. And hopefully you’ve already enjoyed and grown from this new writing community.

I can only mentor one of you, but I want to do something for people who subbed to me (though I can’t guarantee a timeline on it). If you would like me to play CP matchmaker for you, I will send you a CP suggestion from the pool of people who subbed to me. I don’t know you guys personally, so I can’t vouch for how everyone will be as a CP—I will only be matchmaking based on your submissions. And of course, I can only do this for people whose subs are in my inbox.

I will only give out names as potential matches of people who have given me permission to do so.

SO, if you submitted to me and would like me to make you a match, leave a comment here with the title of your submission. These will come AFTER picks are announced, and it will be a one-time thing. I won’t be able to find you someone new or field complaints if someone isn’t a match, etc. After I’ve taken care of my post-picks emails, I shut down the account until the next Pitchwars. So it’ll just be a one-time thing that hopefully yields a few successful critique partnerships.

So if you’d like me to try to work some magic, leave a comment here with the name of your manuscript!