Thursday, May 18, 2017

CP Match-up - All Genres, All Categories!


Okay, friends. After last year’s Pitchwars, I did a critique partner match-up, and I want to do it again now. But it’s for anyone, not just Pitchwars entrants. All categories, all experience levels.

This isn’t going to be the sort of match-up where you post comments and then you reach out to whoever interests you. I did those in the past and got one terrific CP (hi, Sharon!), but only because she reached out to me. I was always too shy!

So I’m going to do this like I did the Pitchwars match-up. If you are interested in potentially being matched up with a CP, send an email to Include the following:

·      Your query (don’t worry if it’s not agent-ready; I just need an idea of your story)
·      Your first chapter. (Again, it doesn’t have to be 100% polished)
·      Clearly state your age category and genre
·      A brief explanation of where you’re at in your publishing journey. I want to try to match people up who are at similar levels.
·      A brief explanation of what you’d like to get out of a critique partnership and what you feel you have to offer.

I’ve had people who are on sub tell me they don’t feel like they fit in w/other writers on sub, because the others are all new and shiny, and they’re on sub for the fourth time. (Solidarity, friend, I went on sub five times before I sold!) Other writers who’ve had agents but either were dropped or chose to leave their agents are in a different place than writers just starting out with querying. So I’m hoping to hear from people at all levels and match you up accordingly. 

I can’t make any guarantees. When I did this for Pitchwars, it was only with people who’d subbed to me, so they’d all subbed an MG manuscript that matched my wishlist. This made it easier. This time around, I might get one adult romance writer and no one else to match them with. Or even if you are matched on paper, you  might not be a personality match. But it’s worth a try!

I just want to put this out there and see if a few matches can be made. With the Pitchwars round it went really well!

Feel free to share this around Twitter or wherever you share things. I’m not going to make a hard deadline, in case some submissions come rolling in over time, but I will probably wait about a week before I try to start making some matches. If I can’t find a match for you, I will respond and let you know.

Any questions? Comment here, or hit me up on Twitter!