Sunday, September 29, 2013

Who's That Girl?

I’m not much into sports (and that’s an understatement), but early in my marriage, I wanted to show interest in the baseball my husband adores (just like he went with me to see art house movies and experimental theater). I found I liked it far better than soccer, for example, where the ball moved so quickly around the field, and all the commentators ever talked about was what was happening with the ball. But in baseball, the commentators have time to talk about the players and their lives. While a pitcher confers with his catcher, the commentators will tell us about how the pitcher’s wife is expecting a baby any moment, for example. Or how the catcher has a wonderful rags to riches story.

I like connecting to people’s stories.

When I’m researching agents or editors or other writers, I get inordinately excited about details that should have no bearing on whether I’d like their work, or they’d like mine. It doesn’t matter if an agent went to my alma mater, or traveled through the same Central American countries I did. And yet, I love finding these points of connection. I also love discovering the unique details that are completely removed from my own life. They speak Mandarin! They do Civil War reenactment!

So here are a few points of connection about me.

I grew up in San Diego, but I kind of hate the beach. (Also, the sun.)

Briefly, as a toddler, I lived in a castle in Scotland for two years. Honest.

I studied theater at Northwestern University. I went to school with Zach Braff and Seth Myers. They’re a tiny bit more famous than I am.

I lived in Guatemala for a year after college. Absolute best souvenir I brought home? My husband.

I live in the Seattle area now, with said Guatemalan souvenir, two crazy-awesome kids, and a mini-Australian Shepherd named Athena. (My Greek mythology-obsessed daughter named her. I was rooting for Luna.)

Mostly, I read and I write. Sometimes I sew. And I eat chocolate.

When a new friend was over at our house and asked for sugar for his coffee, I handed him the sugar bowl. Which contained coconut sugar, which is totally sugar. And he said, “You are so Seattle.” I really am. (When he asked if I had real, white sugar, I DID have some. I use it for making kombucha.)


  1. Coconut sugar? Haven't even heard of it! I am so small-town Colorado... :)

  2. To be fair, I know plenty of Seattle-ites who've never heard of it, either. I'm just on the alterna-crunchy end of the spectrum. :-)